Preparation and After Care

Before a Treatment

Try to avoid eating a minimum of 2-3 hours prior to a colonic session. If your upper digestive tract is full, you may find it more challenging to release during a colonic session.
Liquids are fine, however it is best to eliminate as much fluid out of the bladder prior to a session as well so as to maintain your comfort.
Please allow one hour for each colonic irrigation session.

During a Session

We use a Health Canada and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved device and clean disposable supplies to bring you the most hygienic and safest experience possible. A certified Colon Hydrotherapist explains the procedure and ensures maximum comfort at all times. The procedure itself is safe and painless. It includes gently inserting a clean disposable speculum into the rectum and introducing purified temperature and pressure controlled water in and out of the colon. During the session, several filling and emptying cycles are performed within 36-45 minutes. This softens and loosens waste matter allowing it to be released through an outflow tube that is connected to a drain (making it a closed system) without any exposure to you or the therapist. Trapped gases and/or parasites may be released along with the fecal matter. The flow of water into the colon helps, not only wash the colon, but also “exercise” colon muscles, thus stimulating natural peristalsis, which is fundamental for digestive health. A lighted “viewing tube” allows you to see the discharged matter as it leaves the colon. The therapist will gently massage the abdomen to help dislodge impacted waste form colon walls. A good colonic yields 20-30 bowel movements worth of matter. At the end of the session, you will be asked to leave the colonic table and head to the toilet to release excess waste and/or water.

How many treatments will I need?

Every person is different. In addition, lifestyle factors (such as stress, activity or diet) varies for everyone so it is difficult to say how many treatments you will need until you visit one of our therapist. After your first session, it will become apparent how many sessions you could potentially enrol into in order to realized continued benefits. Rest assured though, you will notice dramatic changes after even just one session.

In general, many people benefit tremendously from a course of between 8-10 treatments that are taken over a 4-10 week time frame. Thereafter, their situation is reviewed with their therapist.

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